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To say the last twelve months have been a challenging time for Isochron Media is an understatement. The fact is an unusual storm of events came together to stretch our capabilities to the limits - and beyond. A positive but taxing part of this was the (re) acquisition of our luxury watch title iW Magazine. Sadly, another aspect of this depressing deluge was the loss of my Associate publisher, digital/social content manager and friend of 20 years, Stu Hubbard. He was an integral part of our small team and although he cannot be replaced,

we have recovered and restructured AboutTime and bring this issue to you in his memory.
Going forward AboutTime will continue to publish our print & digital magazine four times per year with several new benefits that will make your membership in AboutTime more valuable than ever, including a new web-site and social media initiatives as well as a weekly newsletter featuring a huge variety of watches from both famous and unfamiliar brands in the popular price category.
AboutTime is also evolving. We have added a new catalog section of partner brands for direct sale. I’m coining the term “Magalog” as an apt description. The vast majority of our content will continue to be our traditional mix of editorial and advertising, but our new catalog section will propose special offers in concert with partner brands exclusively for our membership. Count on best pricing, but in addition to getting a good price, AboutTime will be including free gifts with your purchase as well as weekly prize giveaways to our customers.

In addition to our above initiatives we are also adding a new annual publication. Long time readers will recall that issue #8 (which completely sold out) was entirely dedicated to brands based in the USA. Due to the impressive interest and rapid growth in American watch brands, AboutTime is preparing a publication entirely dedicated to the growing corps of watch brands based right here in the USA.  More to follow.


It’s AboutTime – to get back to business!