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Another Nod To History

American Brands

It is true that NTH watches emulate other, more established brands. They make no bones about it. But, as a line that plays off the homage design theme there will be a lot of watch snobs that dismiss NTH out of course. On the other hand, if you can put aside brand prejudice and take a close look at a watch for what it is and how its made vs. what it cost, NTH makes a good argument for that spot on your wrist.  

Costing around ¼ of what their ostensible dopplegangers go for, NTH nevertheless instills a lot of the same qualities of component and construction that made the big boys so popular. These Renegades, Tiburons, Barracudas, and Zvaardis are all crafted in 316L steel in a modern but comfortable 40mm by11.5mm case, use a double domed anti reflective sapphire crystal, and are built water resistant to 30atm. Bezel action is good with clean click transitions and the over-size crown is also easy to manipulate. All good stuff and just what you’d expect from a well made timepiece. Inside beating away at 28,800 is the Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical. No, its not a Swiss movement inside, but the Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical is a solid piece of engineering that makes for a perfect fit in this $600 watch as an accurate and robust workhorse of a movement that won’t cost an arm and a leg to service.

With any watch buy there is more than one factor influencing the final decision to buy. Style, component and construction quality, cost, provenance, re-sale value, movement type, accuracy, and other factors may have varying impact on finally pulling the trigger for that new wristwatch.  
When you take the full balance of what the American based brand NTH with all of the above in mind, they make a good argument