Original Grain


The premier maker of wood and steel watches is celebrating several key milestones, including six years in business, a long-standing partnership with Trees for the Future, and rounding out its leadership team to strengthen the brand’s overall style.

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The recent appointment of Scott Young as Lead Watch Designer, Henry Ford as Chief Executive Officer and Quentin Wilson as Vice President of Marketing will advance the company’s operations by strategically approaching promotions, innovatively crafting new designs and growing its philanthropic mission. “Design and sustainability has always been at the forefront of who we are. We’re excited to take our product designs, partnerships and the overall brand performance to the next level with Scott at the helm of design,” said Ryan Beltran, Co-Founder of Original Grain.
"When my brother and I started this company six years ago, our vision was to build a company that was not only based on authenticity and innovation, but also on giving back to the global community," said Andrew Beltran, Co-Founder of Original Grain. "With Young, Ford and Wilson on board, we look forward to continue to differentiate our watches from others in the category. We love pushing the boundaries on the types of materials, woods, and other elements we can integrate into our designs, while also focusing on empowering global communities for a better tomorrow.” Original Grain proudly plants a new tree for every watch purchased and holds a unique partnership with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit dedicated to planting trees around the world. As of Earth Day 2019, Original Grain is proud to be planting its 500,000th tree in Senegal, Africa and celebrate the direct impact the company has had on the lives of thousands of families in Africa.
To learn more about Original Grain visit: www.originalgrain.com