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Media Kit

Media Kit

Isochron Media
AboutTime Magazine
25 Gay Bower Rd. Monroe, CT. 06468
Office: (203) 485-6276
Mobile: (203) 952-3522
e-mail: info@isochronmedia.com

AboutTime Media Kit - To download a PDF version of the media kit please click here.

Why it is: “AboutTime”

When you consider that the vast majority of wristwatches sold (by unit) have retail prices under $3,000, it seems that an entire segment of the category is, for the most part, ignored. These watches may not realize the huge sums at auction, and may not carry the cachet and bragging rights of an historic name on the dial, but in our humble opinion they represent a class of watches that deserve to be thoroughly promoted and enjoyed.

The byline for “AboutTime” is “function and fashion for the wrist.” This is exactly how our content is divided. One side features a cover and content that highlights watches that are geared towards functionality: divers types, multi function, analogue and digital creations and more. Flip the magazine over and both the cover and content now reflects the more fashion forward approach to cultivate a stylistic interpretation of the wristwatch itself. Playing with materials, shapes, color, these watches truly cover a wide spectrum of affordable fashion for the wrist.

It’s “AboutTime”

Distribution: 28,000 copies

  • AboutTime reaches both existing watch aficionados and actively
    cultivates the next market generation through a targeted print
    + digital distribution strategy.

  • Subscriber & Newsstand/Bookstore Distribution: 21,000
    AboutTime is available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million,
    Hastings and hundreds of other retail points of sale.

  • Retailer Direct Distribution: 3,000+
    Single and multiple copies of AboutTime are sent directly to
    hundreds of appropriate watch outlets around North America.

  • University Campus Copies: 1,000+
    Next generation buyers are approached in controlled rollouts
    of print and digital editions sent free of charge to selected
    college fraternities, sororities, libraries and students at-large.

  • Kiosk Direct: 2,000+
    Almost every major mall around the country hosts at least
    one kiosk selling wristwatches at the popular price level.
    AboutTime has developed a direct distribution channel
    with these points of sale that will continue to expand.
  • Bonus Circ: 500-2,500 per issue.
    AboutTime supplies thousands of copies for
    distribution at local, regional, and national events as
    well as the annual Baselworld fair in Switzerland and
    JCK in Las Vegas.

  • Social Media Integration: Constant integration of
    your products on all of AboutTime’s social
    media platforms.

  • Digital Growth: The digital edition of AboutTime can
    be viewed on PC or Mac, Tablet or iPad and integrates search and connectivity along with other enhanced
    features only possible on the digital platform.

Print Advertising
Magazine specifications:   Bleed: 9.5 in x 11.375 in / Trim: 9 x 10.875 in 

Full page bleed - 9.5 x 11.375
Full page trim - 7.75 x 9.75
1/9 page (horizontal) - 3 x 2.5
1/3 page (vertical) - 4.75 x 9.75
1/4 page (horizontal) - 7 x 2.675
1/4 page (vertical) - 3.5 x 5
1/2 page (horizontal bleed) - 9.5 x 5.5
1/2 page (horizontal) - 7 x 5
1/2 page (vertical bleed) - 4.675 x 11.375
1/2 page (vertical) - 3.5 x 9.75
2 page spread bleed - 18.5. x 11.375

Live matter: 1/2” (.5) from the trim on all sides.

Digital Edition / web Advertisement Requirements

Enrich your digital ad with special ads or HD video for even more dramatic impact.

    Leaderboard: - 728 x 90 (animated gif or jpeg accepted) Hosted on our website.
    Square: - 250 x 250 (animated gif or jpeg accepted) Hosted on our website.

Add video content to a page and provide a high definition experience available on all devices. Place ads in
strategic locations to enhance your readers experience and your advertising results. Hosted in the digital edition.

Print Advertisement Requirements

AboutTime magazine requires all ad materials be submitted in a digital format. Supplied materials that do not comply with the following specifications will be corrected and advertiser will be billed for the required production.

  • PREFERRED FORMATS: PDF X1a, and JPG files. All files should be created and submitted at 300 dpi.
  • AD SIZES: All ads must be created to exact size specifications on the rate card, or will incur charges for re-sizing.
    No live matter within 1/2” of gutter or trim. 15% discount to recognized agencies supplying PDF-X 1A files and color proof.
  • FONTS: PDF files must have all fonts embedded.
  • PHOTOS: Must be 300 dpi in CMYK.

 Print Calendar and Advertising Rates

AboutTime Issue Issue Number Materials Due Distribution Bonus Distribution
Winter 2019 #17 Dec. 07 Jan. 14  SIHH/Geneva Bonus
Spring 2019 #18 Feb. 21 Mar. 21  Baselworld
Summer 2019 #19 May 06 June 06  JCK/Couture
Fall 2019 #20 Aug. 20 Sept. 20  
Ad Size 1X 2X 4X  
2 pg. spread $6,351 $5,800 $4,640  
Full pg. $3,906 $3,599 $2,879  
1/4 pg. $1,289 $1,188 $950  
1/3 pg. $1,417 $1,306 $1,044  
1/2 pg. $2,344 $2,160 $1,728  
Premium positions:  Cover ads (Per insertion)    
Cover 2 (inside front) *Full pg. - $5,308    
Cover 2 (inside front) *Two-pg. spread - $7,960    
Cover 4 (outside back) *Full pg. - (1X ) $6,495  (2X) $5,845  (4X) $5,260
Featured brand (center spread) no multiple insertion discount offered. - $495