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Ecologically conscientious and fashion forward, 111 watches are as easy on the environment as they are on the wallet.

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Birthed as an environmentally conscious watch brand, 111 watches embody an ethos of upcycling and sustainability without losing the qualities of style and service that we love in our watches. Using materials like non-petroleum castor oil plastics for bezels, recycled steel for cases, and straps made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate or “rPet” (think plastic water bottles) proves their case. On top of that, you’ll never need to replace the battery or add another button cell to the millions thrown away every year as every 111 is solar powered.


Styles range from kitsch colors to wire lug classics. Most are water resistant to 10atm and capped with a mineral crystal and conservation minded watch enthusiasts can expect to pay from $75-$125 for the majority of variations.


You can see and shop the entire collection here: https://www.111watches.com/ and discover more about 111 watches goals for sustainability and conservation here: http://www.fossilgroup.com/responsibility/

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New watch collection features amazing illumination technology while supporting legalization of cannabis


Time Concepts is introducing a new watch brand, 420Waldos™, that was conceived with a specific purpose in mind - a commitment to support organizations that work to reform cannabis laws and support legalization. The 420Waldos brand strives to advocate for public and political support of cannabis legalization, education, and continuing research. Medicinal cannabis has been shown to help with a wide array of ailments, and 420Waldos believes it should be legalized so it can bring relief to those needing it.  

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Their belief is that every should be provided access to safe and legal cannabis and has led the brand to support this effort by donating a portion of the proceeds from every watch sale to organizations working to change cannabis laws including the Drug Policy Alliance and NORML.  

The term “420Waldos” originates from a story dating back to 1971 when five friends from Marin County, California would meet every day after school along a wall by the statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20pm to smoke cannabis, and decide what mischief they might get into that afternoon. Their classmates coined them the “420Waldos” and thus the 420 moniker was born. Today 420 is a globally recognized term representing cannabis. The Waldos’ story and the growing cannabis movement in the U.S. inspired the 420Waldos watch collection. 


The 420Waldos brand launches with two series, Bud (41mm) and Mary Jane (34mm). Both offer a wide mixture of colored dials housed in stainless steel cases with scratch resistant, hardened mineral glass crystals. A leaf at 4:20 on each dial adds a fun, casual flavor to the simple design. The various color leather straps are made of soft calfskin and have easy on/off spring pins that allow for quick strap changes in a matter of seconds. The watches are powered by Japanese Quartz movements to ensure accuracy and dependability.

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The 420Waldos™ watch brand features an amazing illumination technology – Visible247 – with miniature light receptive crystals molded into polymer watch dials. According to Time Concepts, when exposed to any light source for 10 minutes, the 420Waldos watch dial will glow in the  dark for at least 10 hours. “Having worked with one superior luminous technology for so long with my former brand, I was particularly enthused to discover and launch another new lume technology to both the watch market and the consumer world” said Barry Cohen, Time Concepts founder. “It seems my career has been centered on bringing superior lume technologies to the watch category and the consumer market, this time with a remarkable breakthrough that takes photo luminescence to a level never achieved before.” 

420Waldos™ watches are available for sale at www.420waldoswatches.com for $150. Follow 420Waldos watches on Instagram: @420Waldoswatch

It is true that NTH watches emulate other, more established brands. They make no bones about it. But, as a line that plays off the homage design theme there will be a lot of watch snobs that dismiss NTH out of course. On the other hand, if you can put aside brand prejudice and take a close look at a watch for what it is and how its made vs. what it cost, NTH makes a good argument for that spot on your wrist.  

The Group B Series 2 Windup Edition is a Worn & Wound boutique exclusive in a new colorway. In contrast to the bright, brushed steel of the normal models, the Windup Edition features a dark titanium gray PVD coating over steel on the bracelet, mid-case, and crown, with the bezel and case back remaining solid titanium.