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Un Doing Is Half The Fun!


Undone combines vintage styles and a powerful custom configurator to play off two of the most popular trends in watchmaking today.  There’s no question that retro remains in vogue as more and more brands re-visit past types and styles, while the desire to add your own touches and design your own watch using a palette of color options as well as dial and hand configurations gets the creative juices flowing.

To be sure mixing and matching dials, hands, cases and other components can be a bit addicting.  It absolutely engages the end user in a more thoughtful decision process as he or she explores a host of different looks within the same basic framework of types.  Don’t love what you’ve made – simply start over again.

It’s fairly easy to pick your own favorites and put them together in a watch, but the Undone configurator has so many variations – where’s the fun in that. Personally I tried to make some of the strangest color combinations I could. Sometimes they worked, other times it was a simple click of the “back” button to void the abomination I had created.  

Shown here are variations on the Undone Urban option with prices in the $275-$295 range. Quality components include a domed and hardened K1 crystal on top of a 40mm x 13mm stainless steel case.  Water resistance is a splashy 3atm so no swimming with this one! Inside is the Seiko hybrid mecha-quartz chronograph movement and the straps are supplied with a quick release trigger for easy changes.
You can build your own at www.undone.com.